The Lost Arabs

Visceral and energetic, Omar Sakr’s poetry confronts notions of identity and belonging head-on. Braiding together sexuality and divinity, conflict and redemption, The Lost Arabs is a seething, urgent collection from a distinctive new voice.

This book knocked my breath away, winding me with its pain and damage, yet all the while filling me with the exuberance of reading poetry of such wisdom and dazzle. The tyranny that we can inflict on each other, the harms of family and history, the need for solace and belonging find perfect pitch in line after line of this magnificent collection. There’s an urgent need for this book, it should be on every shelf.’ – Judith Beveridge, author of Sun Music

In this collection Omar Sakr writes words to enhance the world, elegiac windows of soul from one who has travelled and seen, requiring a gentle understanding of that which is not gentle, nor can it be. The Lost Arabs is the poetic posture of a man in all his forms standing by the eternal river, who has placed both feet in the sand, and who refuses to sink.’– Ali Cobby Eckermann, author of Ruby Moonlight

‘The new and powerful voice, public, performative, but also vulnerably intimate, of one of our “children of elsewhere; painfully confronting the ambiguities of country and heritage, and testing in the boldest terms what enterprise there might be, as Yeats put it, in “walking naked”.’ – David Malouf

ISBN: 9780702260360