The Lost Arabs

The Lost Arabs

ISBN: 9780702260360

Visceral and energetic, Omar Sakr’s poetry confronts notions of identity and belonging head-on. Braiding together sexuality and divinity, conflict and redemption, The Lost Arabs is a seething, urgent collection from a distinctive new voice.

‘The tyranny that we can inflict on each other, the harms of family and history, the need for solace and belonging find perfect pitch in line after line of this magnificent collection. There’s an urgent need for this book, it should be on every shelf.’ – Judith Beveridge

‘The Lost Arabs is the poetic posture of a man in all his forms standing by the eternal river, who has placed both feet in the sand, and who refuses to sink.’– Ali Cobby Eckermann

‘The new and powerful voice, public, performative, but also vulnerably intimate, of one of our “children of elsewhere”.’ – David Malouf

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"Omar Sakr's second poetry collection is an assured and vibrant exploration of doubt and faith."

"The Lost Arabs contains barely a poem without something to recommend it. It is a fabulously energetic, sometimes startling collection full of a tumbling rhetoric that at its most commanding soars."

"His words are a pure and powerful testimony to human intimacy, and the radical, altering act of creating, despite immense communal and individual loss, oppression, and otherness."

"Omar Sakr’s latest poetry collection is as thrilling as it is accomplished. It is rare for such a collection to be a page-turner but his poetry demands to be read, digested and re-read soon after."

"Sakr’s landscapes are simultaneously earthed, fleshy, sexual, and they are existentially and politically questioning. But ‘‘questioning’’ seems too ordinary a word for the incendiary, devastated places this poetry visits."

"Sakr's poetry is empowering, affecting and beautiful."

"The Lost Arabs is a remarkable and essential work. In a disenfranchised and dislocated country of flesh and spirit, Omar Sakr shows us ways to reclaim, how to hear and maybe hear beyond the 'barking angels', the brutality of dispossession and familial disconnection."

"It’s intimate, vibrant, beautifully composed and engages creatively and powerfully with a whole host of concerns and themes intrinsic to understanding the modern world."

"Whether with love or violence Omar Sakr’s The Lost Arabs commits itself wholly, body and soul, to poetry. He writes with sensuous passion and an almost brutal conviction. Sakr continues to explore his own space (and ours) within the poetics of defiance. Whichever way you turn the questions will remain in front of you, resonant, emotive and very current."

"The Lost Arabs presents some of the most important and representative Australian poetry right now."

These Wild Houses

These Wild Houses

ISBN: 9780975249277

Series 2, book 3 of 10

“This is not a definitive statement on Islam. This is not a definitive statement on Arab identity, not Arab Australian identity, not bisexuality, not even Western Sydney. It is a statement – an exploration of me and what I’ve seen.” – Omar Sakr

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"These Wild Houses tests out the poetics of demotic language, combining thoughtful commentary with moments of sentiment and moments of rage. Both incisive and decisive, it offers a forensic examination of Arab Australian masculinities, and the effect of place and politics and desire. At times skilfully restrained, at others powerfully unbound, passion often salted with little flares of mirth, this intelligent and exciting collection speaks out, and powerfully articulates, twenty-first century urban identities."

“Sakr writes about his immigrant experience in Australia, his life as a bisexual Muslim, environmental destruction, the everyday racism he encounters, and the larger issue of systemic racism in Australia... He explores family, tradition, place, and marginalization with breathy lines that end in small punches to the gut.”

“Sakr’s work is vital: it is the here and now even as it speaks of and to eternity. Like the word emblazoned briefly across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and chalked in gorgeous copperplate across the pavements of his hometown, his poetry is merely a finite gesture towards the infinite: but what a glorious, breathtaking, and magnificently-human gesture it is.”

“This first collection confronts us with emotionally complex and often ambiguous poetry that belies a simple reading, claims considerable territory for itself and demonstrates Sakr’s ambition and ability.”

“Sakr permits us to mine his personal store of images as they arise, like the phoenix, out of suburban conflict. The poetry, politics and history scorch a new path in Australian poetry.”

“These Wild Houses has a reader-centredness that at once invites and resists intimacy. The poems seem like direct tellings, where ‘you’ feature. At the same time, the collection is inward-looking – a playful and skilled balance Sakr strikes through his storyelling and linguistic incisiveness.”

"These Wild Houses sees a disarming honesty matched by an acuity of poise, nuance and craftsmanship."