Upcoming Events

Hey all,

Just thought I’d give a quick run-down of events you can find me at this month. The Digital Writer’s Festival has begun, and all you need in order to participate is an internet connection. I have two events you can watch from home:

Art and the Suburbs
November 9, 7.30pm

Chatting with Jessica Alice and Dan Thorpe.

The Editor/Writer Relationship
November 10, 3pm

Chatting with Alice Grundy, Elizabeth Tan, and Caitlin Maling.

November 11

If IRL performance and readings is more your style, you can catch me at the Small Press Network’s 10th birthday party, with a host of other excellent performers.


After that, I’ll be helping to launch the Contemporary Australian Poetry anthology! 10 years in the making. 200 poets. 500 poems, including one of mine.

November 26


The launch will be at The Performance Space in The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale St, on November 26th, 3.30pm. Come along!

If you’re not in Melbourne but would like to read/listen to my latest poem, you can do so here. It’s called ghosting the ghetto.



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