Thursday Poem No Show

So, you may have noticed I didn’t post about a poem this week and since I have an hour to kill in an airport, I thought I’d explain why, which is that I embarked on an impromptu roadtrip across the Australian countryside a few days ago. We drove 3,000km before accidentally smashing into a kangaroo on a desert highway, rendering the car undrivable. We were unhurt and managed to hitch a ride to the next major city, Perth, where I’m about to catch a flight home to Sydney.

While there’s no poem this week to talk about, I do have some poetry news of my own to share: I’m very pleased to say that one of my poems has been shortlisted for the ACU Poetry Prize 2015 and will be published along with the other shortlisted entries in their annual chapbook. Aside from that, I have a poem in the forthcoming issue of Tincture Journal and the September issue of Meanjin, so keep an eye out for those!

Until next week,
– Omar


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