Thursday Poems: A Trifecta

Hello from Bali!

So, naturally since I began my last post gloating about being on time for a change, I’ve ended up late for this one. This will not be a normal post, I’m afraid, no ramble about poetry today. I’m in Bali as part of the Bali Emerging Writers Festival, and it has been a crazy whirlwind of mad beauty, lush vistas, wonderful people and events. Which reminds me, if you happen to be in Denpasar this week, do come and see my reading at Dua Dunia.

Honestly, I’m so many different kinds of tired right now and I’m not going to have the chance to talk about anything in depth — but I didn’t want to leave you poetry-lovers without something good to read, so instead, I’ve decided to leave a link here to three different poems. Maybe we can switch things up around here and you tell me what you loved about them, or didn’t, eh? That’d be something, that’s for sure. Okay, without further ado, the trifecta:

1. Citizen, VI by Claudia Rankine.

2. Everybody Who Is Dead by Frank Stanford

3. Tonight, in Oakland by Danez Smith

I found all of these interesting in different ways, hopefully you will too. That’s all from me this week, I’ll be back next week with more details about all the things 🙂

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