Week 4: Stumblin’ Forward

So, I have to be honest: I got less done this week.

Technically, I’ve written over 3000 words. I wrote a personal statement for my Boston University application, which actually contains some of my better writing and I’m really proud of, and I started work on a new short story. Now, I’m beginning to think my brain is doing that ‘it’s been too long since you wrote for the novel, something’s wrong there, but we’re just going to avoid it and pretend everything’s fine’ thing.

And yes, that’s a real thing. I need to work on the novel, but I think I’ve put too much pressure on myself as far as completing it, or even working on it, so I keep finding other things to do. I’m still writing, still working on other projects, so it’s not as bad as it could be but it’s a real problem nonetheless. I need to relax and get back to it, maybe write a fun short story set in that universe, and see if it can revive my flagging spirit.

As to the reason I’m not sure if I should count the 1700 word personal statement, or even the last blog post, it’s because I’m beginning to wonder if it could become a crutch. It’s always going to be easier to write about myself or what I’ve just finished reading or what my plans are, etc, than it is to craft great poetry or vivid stories in exciting new worlds. I know how important it is to keep writing, no matter the subject, to keep my mind sharp and my prose muscular but there comes a point where content has to matter more than output.

Otherwise, I’ll spend too much energy on this here blog, or on bits and pieces that won’t help advance my goal, and despite the word count, it’ll actually be counterproductive. So, let’s just say for now that I’ve written 1500 word of this short story, which I’m incredibly excited about – one of my best concepts backed by some of my best writing, so even though it’s a little less than I’d have liked, I’m still okay with what I’ve done.

And who knows, there are still several hours in the day and might still stumble across my 2000-word minimum mark. If I don’t, that’s okay. That’ll just incentivise me to work harder these next few days and hurtle clear of next week’s bar.

’til then, adieu!

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