2012 So Far (in Politics)

So, I decided to write something a little more serious than usual. It was mostly just a chance for me to formulate some thoughts on the ongoing political saga. Feel free to post your thoughts in response.

An Open Letter: Why I don’t want Kevin Rudd back

I used to be a big fan of Rudd, I have to say; I thought he represented a better, smarter Australia and was a man of vision. Like most people, his sudden resignation in the face of a leadership challenge came as a complete shock. I had to take a moment as I wrote that last sentence – most people don’t seem to realise it but that’s precisely what happened. The prevailing narrative, the one that has haunted Prime Minister Julia Gillard, has been one of betrayal.

She stabbed him in the back, they say.

Actually, she challenged him for the leadership of the party and he didn’t raise so much as a murmur in protest. Instead, knowing that his colleagues overwhelmingly wanted him gone after months of dysfunctional communication and ineffective governing, he decided to fall on his sword. At the time, it still seemed wrong. How could our Kev – our good little vegemite – be gone so quickly?

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2012 So Far (in Films)

It seems to me that each year – no, not even so long as that, 6 months at best – we hear in great detail about the death of cinema or the dearth of good films as Hollywood trots out increasing numbers of sequels, prequels, and remakes. No one makes original films anymore! People don’t want to go out to the theatres anymore when they’ve got shiny entertainment systems of their own at home! And so on, and so forth.

It’s almost habit by now, I think.

I’ve been to the cinema a few times this year and I’ve been struck each time by the quality of the films I’ve seen: Hugo, The Adventures of Tintin, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Shame, to name only the most recent and they have all, in their own way, been fantastic. This isn’t, I hasten to add, an argument for or against original films v. remakes/sequels/prequels but a recognition that none of these labels are prerequisites for quality cinema and that in the past year we have seen some truly excellent films.

But I digress. I’m going to say a few things about the films I’ve listed above and why I enjoyed them.

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