Coming Out At Supanova

Last week I went to one of the largest comic-cons in Australia, Supanova, for the first time. I’ve always known and considered myself to be a geek/nerd/weirdo/whatever you want to call it, and yet, I’ve never gone to any of the cons before and to be honest, I think for a while there I looked down on those that did. There’s always been a fairly negative stereotype (not so much anymore, I feel) about those that dress up and speak Klingon or Elvish, as social outcasts and mentally unstable middle-aged men that live in their mother’s basement and mutter a lot.

So, for me, deciding to pay and go to this con was a definite big step – mind you, I’d mostly let go of the snobbish perception I had a long time ago but this was the first time I’d ever come out of the proverbial closet in public.

As they say, it was a liberating experience.

On the train to the con, I was surprised by how awesome it was to see costumed figures and video game characters running around (well, they were standing, really, and didn’t move all that much because the train was packed but you know what I mean) and equally, I was surprised by just how good those costumes were too. I saw the most perfect Princess Peach ever, she was gorgeous too, along with all the other mario bros characters. Already, it turned out I was having more fun than expected.

Another unexpected surprise was the amount of people at the event. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a ridiculous line. It took 45 minutes for us to get inside, and we already had tickets! Being a geek/nerd/whatever is no longer something to be ashamed about, something relegated to the shadows and greasy haired loners (although, sweet god, 90% of the people there definitely needed to wash their hair. Seriously. Not cool, people. Not cool) in cramped little comic shops that for some reason refuse to allow natural lighting to penetrate the gloomy interior.

Unfortunately, while it’s a good time to be a geek, you also have a large number of people who aren’t geeks but think liking the Dark Knight qualifies them as being a comic fan. In fact, there are probably a number of hardcore geeks that would look at me and say I don’t even qualify ┬ábecause I don’t know which writer wrote which specialised issue of every comic ever made, but those guys are freaks anyway, so who cares. I’m also not really into the gaming front of things – it involves far too much effort and I’m just too lazy. Give me a book or a comic to read any day. Or anime to watch. Or something to eat. Hm. That reminds me, it’s time for lunch…

But back to the actual con! Aside from being atrociously organised (what the hell was the point of having the option to buy tickets beforehand, and pay extra for the privilege, if you didn’t even separate the lines?! There was also no signs or any indication of who was meant to go where or why, except for one long haired guy running up and down yelling things. But he may just have been a very angry man for all I know) I really had quite a fun time. I got to listen to Charisma Carpenter (who is tiny), Summer Glau (who has a funny face) and Lou Ferrigno (the incredible fucking hulk) and that was all cool.

I also got a book signed by a long-time favourite author of mine (which isn’t really saying anything, since I have hundreds of those) Jennifer Fallon. She was just chilling in the Borders stall. I could even have struck up a conversation with her…but didn’t really have the balls or the inclination to. In any case, I’m glad I came out of the geekdom closet, at least as far as the rest of the world is concerned — I blend in fairly well with the Normies otherwise. At least I think I do, despite all these pesky court orders to stop doing this or stop saying that, and to stop appearing in front of certain famous people’s homes dressed in nothing but peanut butter –I mean, uh…

Yay Supanova! I would have added pictures but a certain someone someone has been most recalcitrant on this front…you know who you are.



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    Jus_de_Fruit I went to Supanova in Sydney. I wouldn't really say i was a geek or a nerd, just that i'm married to one and that sometimes rubs off on me. it was such a great weekend. Its not necessary to fill any sort of label predetermined by someone else. We just like what we like.
    June 30, 2010 at 1:27 am · Reply
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    Omar Sure, that's fair enough. I don't like labels generally, but by society's standards and for most people too, I'd be considered a geek - it's pointless to say I don't associate with it, because the label exists to describe a person whose actions are essentially the same as mine. I'm just not stereotypical - I'm socially active, I'm a big guy, I like going out as much as I do reading, etc, so it often seems "hidden" - so this for me was the first very public association with geekdom. And I liked it a lot :P
    July 2, 2010 at 2:45 pm · Reply

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